Saturday, 13 May 2017

Running trains

Over the last few months I've been lucky enough to run a few of the 1:24 prints on a wonderful outdoor railway built by Michael Hilliar in Manurewa.
For most of the stuff I've built its never had the opportunity to fully be run in, and of course a few tweaks were required to enable the larger loco's to run around some tight bends.

1:24 Dbr

1:24 De, Dsg, Dh

1:24 Wab

Saturday, 18 March 2017

NZ120 Ww

Today see's the NZR Ww body get reduced to NZ120 scale and made available on shapeways.
The design is available in Frosted Ultra Detail & Frosted eXtreme Detail & can be found here

The nz120 version has slightly thicker parts on the cowcatcher & other details, although only just enough to be printable.

I've also made it available in 1:76, that version had no such alterations, even the front handrails were permited. Model found here

NZ120 Ww

Not a Photo

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

NZ120 Nzr C 1930

Today see's the NZR C shunter of 1930 get reduced to NZ120 scale and made available on shapeways
The model is broken down into 3 separate files which can be found here
They are available in Frosted Detail & Frosted Extreme Detail.
The walls are extremely thin, mostly smaller than 1.0mm with some going down to 0.4mm in supported areas.

C Body
C Tender
C Bogies & Rear Pony Truck

Friday, 2 September 2016

1:24 Nzr C 1930

This time around sees the Nzr C shunter designed & printed in 1:24 scale. Since the wheelbase is perfect for the LGB chassis the old man has acquired.

both printers working overtime, as Ive been sanding down the sections, the dust tends to build in the gaps/section joins, so i've been carefully applying glue over the dust/powder in the gaps, and sanding when dry & repeating the process untill gaps filled. 

At this point most of the basic components are printed except the obvious, none of the real detailing has started yet but the platform is there. I think a few more sand downs & repaints in a few areas, boiler & roof areas. but before that I need to restock with putty, as my trick with gluing the sanding powder didn't really work out.
I also need to rework the return crank, and re attach the eccentric. 
Another area of interest is the framework below the cab, if I were to make it prototypical, then the delta trucks going to cause issues on the first sharp curve, so I may fudge the downward angled part of the frame a bit.

Currently researching the Wf, which really has an awfully lot in common.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

1:24 Hook & Chain

A detail I've been wanting to do for a while are the Chain & Hooks, After playing with a few tests I came up with an answer, print everything separate, paint while still on the print raft. 

The next step above is to pop off all the components & attach to a board with double sided tape, then paint the unpainted side. I failed to do this step with the first 3 sets! so will have to touch up later.

And the result is a multi colored nightmare, but will easily be fixed. Only 2 chains need a fine cut with a razor on 1 end to complete assembly.
Overall it looks ok to me, the chain is quite free to move, although couldn't hold a train together.

All 50fters painted in Coronation Red, Also the first of the 47/6 carriages to get painted with a more correct black roof. Space is becoming more of an issue with each passing week.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

1:24 Wab revisted

The 1:24 Wab finally gets some attention, the chassis is a bachman $50 job, with everything but the siderod,wheels gears & motor thrown away least I be tempted into something plain and ordinary.

Since the picture alot of sanding & filling of the cracks in the lamination occured.
The front weight was eliminated via a hacksaw, as well as the number plate extrusion, which I think I had the idea of applying a decal and all would be good which in nz120 worked but in 1:24 not so much. also added were the cab floor, rear bogie at correct length, rear frame & driving gear. Still to add the lifting arms.

1:24 Wab, bachman chassis with an early test of the running gear, lifting link etc still to do. A bit sloppy at this point. I will be re-printing a slightly longer main rod to correct the crosshead position. The real crime is the placement of the crosshead guide 3mm offcentre to allow the thicker driving wheels & siderod to clear the crosshead guide when in motion.

1:24 Wab 799

Friday, 5 August 2016

1:24 Ww Class

A new project thanks to the aquisition of suitable low cost LGB chassis on trademe will see a few Ww's & in the future a C shunter. And if I alter the wheelbase perhaps a few more classes. .

The chassis is a  LGB Power Truck for the LGB Locos 20750, 21750 and 20755
The chassis cost about $150 for 2 on trademe. Quite common it seems.

After printing plans in 1:24 scale, design work when into the chassis first, Printing the wheel centres for the existing wheels & a false centre wheel.

A movie showing off the running Ww Mech

A few days later and the bulk of the body & detail parts are printed & painted. The body still needs further finer sanding but progress going well.

Next version will be the reboilered Ww, with a far more impressive look.

Ww makes another test run

1:24 men assembling the Ww's
1:24 men assembling the Ww's
1:24 Original Ww after some serious sanding
1:24 Original Ww
1:24 Reboilered & Original Ww
1:24 Reboilered & Original Ww
The Wab is in focus, with all working motion & mounts ready to print. The bachman chassis completely striped down to nothing except the main frame & gearbox/motors/wheels. The rear chassis can now be reprinted to correct length. Body is to be sanded down once again & repainted. The Wab will benefit from the Ww detailing & work on the Ab can finally resume & finish allowing the C shunter project to begin.
1:24 Ww Cab windows
Some rather nice pics of the 1:24 Ww's 575 & 560 after a Painting effort